Change Communication
For transformation to succeed

Change Communication Munich

The only thing that remains constant is change. Globalisation and digitalisation are driving innovation and transformation ever faster. Ever shorter change cycles in companies are the consequence: whether it is growth, restructuring or innovation projects. All these projects will only succeed if they are accompanied by strategic change communication right from the start.

Successful change communication is based precisely on these three pillars:

  • Information: What is it about?
  • Implementation: How does the change proceed?
  • Participation: How can employees get involved?

We implement the three pillars in strategic internal communication campaigns. They are based on a convincing change story and include all relevant measures of agile project communication (World Cafés, Open Spaces, etc.), dialogue formats and digital information offerings. Executives play an important role in providing impetus and support for change management and change communication. We support them with coaching and training so that they can fulfill their central task in change.

We support you with the following services:

  • Communication strategies for change and transformation
  • Development of change story (storytelling)
  • Realisation of internal and external change communication
  • Stakeholder analyses, focus groups, interviews
  • Management training in change management
  • Employee workshops
  • Coaching and supervision

At the heart of it all are the employees

We are specialised in businesses undergoing change processes and experienced in the strategic planning and operational implementation of change communication. For change to be successful, it needs the support of the people who are supposed to drive it – the employees. They need to understand, accept and support the change. This can only be achieved by listening to employees, informing them and emotionally supporting them. Because every change initially triggers fear and resistance.

Soul, heart & mind

People connect through values and listen with their hearts. If you build on that, you will succeed in opening their minds to facts and arguments. Especially in times of change, transition and transformation, it is important not to lose sight of the perspective of those affected, the employees.

Our work is characterised by the “outside-in” perspective: What do employees say, think or expect – but also customers, investors or society? Active listening and empathy are the central prerequisites for decisions and the right conclusions, especially when it comes to managing transformation and change.