Reputation Management
For more resistance

Competences Reputation Management

Resistance and resilience make it easier to withstand negative influences and to develop successfully. We analyse communication, leadership, cooperation and culture with regard to potential problems, crises and success-critical developments. The gain: performance and licence-to-operate.

What does reputation management mean in the company?

We advice expanding risk management and taking a concrete, analytical look at reputational risks: What can damage a company’s reputation, credibility and acceptance? What will negatively affect different target groups – from customers to employees – so that they turn away or don’t apply in the first place?

Avoiding attitude crises

The term “attitude crises” covers all those critical developments that result from the decisions and actions of companies – and that do not, or only partially, meet the current demands that society places on them. Today, these are increased and justified questions of governance, values, but also climate protection, environment and ESG. Competition, politics but also organisations such as foodwatch or Greenpeace actively represent their interests vis-à-vis the companies, up to and including legal disputes. We are convinced that we should not let it get to this point, but take countermeasures at an early stage.

We support you with the following services:

  • Analysis of reputation risks in the company, value chain and external appearance
  • Analysis of target groups and stakeholder matrix
  • SWOT analyses and recommendations for action
  • Reputation management programme
  • Mission statement, culture and values
  • Code of Conduct
  • Assessment and further development of organisational communication
  • Assessment and further development of management communication