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We support companies and organizations with preparatory crisis management. Because if you are prepared and have an instruction manual ready for an emergency, you will regain your balance more quickly – or, in the best case, you will not get into the problem zone in the first place.

Crisis Communication Manual

A crisis communications manual/guide is an instruction manual for emergencies. It contains all the essential information the communications team needs to navigate through the crisis with confidence: It defines structures, processes and responsibilities, regulates internal and external communication channels, defines the type of information, includes important data and contacts as well as prepared materials for possible crisis situations. Experience in crisis prevention shows: structures and procedures help to reach the goal faster and safer in critical situations.

Read more about the rules of crisis communication in our guide.

The following contents, among others, belong in a crisis communication manual:

  • Integration of the crisis communication manual within the company (as part of crisis management and crisis prevention).
  • Definitions and characteristics of a crisis
  • Early identification of potential problems, reputation risks, risk issues
  • Potential crisis scenarios with response levels and recommended actions for communication
  • Roles, tasks and responsibilities in the crisis communication team
  • Standards and rules for crisis communication
  • Social media guidelines and procedures
  • Tips on dealing with the media
  • Practical part with checklists, text templates, contacts, etc.
  • Prepared documents, such as dark sites, etc.

Social Media Guideline for crisis communication.

Manage analog crises additionally via social media.

Social media guidelines are an indispensable part of up-to-date crisis preparation. Nowadays, crisis situations always take place digitally as well and can quickly get out of control without active management. Therefore, comprehensive rules for social media crisis communication are needed.

Social media guidelines include, above all: the definition of problem and risk types, crisis response processes and responsibilities, social media crisis management tools, and specific rules for dealing with owned channels and critical postings on any social media channels. In addition, we use the Shitstorm Scale to provide valuable tips for countering criticism appropriately at an early stage.

Advantages of Social Media Guidelines

  • Master crisis holistically and across channels
  • Protect your digital reputation
  • Good community management even in critical times
  • Act and decide confidently on the basis of communication rules and guidelines on how to proceed
  • Rapid operational readiness via checklists, text modules, FAQs, etc.

Crisis team training and crisis exercises

We provide training for business leaders, public speakers, press departments and crisis teams on how to deal with crises in a confident manner. We accompany you in the development of preventive communicative competence, which also pays off in acute crisis situations.


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